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Hemorrhoid Treatment & Removal

Donít Keep Treating Your Hemorrhoids. We Can Remove Them.

Hemorrhoids are very common. Hemorrhoid treatment with messy creams and ointments only provides temporary relief (at best).

So donít keep treating them, let us remove them. You will feel better!

san diego chula vista hemorrhoid treatment We use a non-surgical treatment that is:

  • fast (as little as 60 seconds)
  • painless (return to work the same day)
  • proven
  • easy (no anesthesia, fasting or other prep)
  • covered by most insurance plans

Click here to learn more about the CRH O'Regan System. (En espanol)

Fecal Incontinence Treatment

People with fecal incontinence experience accidents like:

  • The inability to hold in gas
  • Passing stool (waste matter from the bowels) while passing gas
  • Passing stool during normal activities
  • Passing stool before reaching the toilet

We can help you with these symptoms by using Solesta which is a new in-office treatment for fecal incontinence. Solesta is an option after simple methods have failed, but before you consider undergoing surgery.
Solesta is a gel that is given through 4 injections into the wall of the anal canal. It helps give you more control by bulking up the tissue in the anal canal. Solesta is composed of naturally made materials similar to the natural starches, sugars, and tissue in the body.

For more information regarding Solesta click here.

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