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We provide consultations in Gastrointestinal and Liver disorders. We have privileges at Scripps Hospital and Sharp Hospital in Chula Vista, San Diego.

For your convenience we also provide a large variety of diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic procedures.

Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography (ERCP)

Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) is a procedure that combines the use of endoscopy and fluoroscopy to diagnose and treat disorders of the biliary or pancreatic ductal systems.

Endoscopic Ultrasound

Endoscopic Ultrasound (EUS) combines endoscopy and ultrasound in order to obtain images and tissue samples. This study helps to evaluate submucosal lesions, lymph nodes and tumors in the pancreas, liver or other organs that are next to the gastrointestinal tract.

Hydrogen Breath Test

A hydrogen breath test (or HBT) is used as a clinical medical diagnosis for people with irritable bowel syndrome, and common food intolerances. The test is simple, non-invasive, and is performed after a short period of fasting (typically 8-12 hours).

Capsule Endoscopy

Capsule Endoscopy is an exam that uses a miniature capsule to record images through the digestive tract.

Treatment of Hemorrhoids

We treat hemorroids with a system that is:

  • fast (as little as 60 seconds)
  • painless (return to work the same day)
  • proven
  • easy (no anesthesia, fasting or other prep)
  • covered by most insurance plans

Bravo pH Capsule Test

It is a study that evaluates the acidity of your stomach using a small capsule attached to your esophagus. These data will help us to make a diagnosis and treat your symptoms.

Ablation for Barrett's Esophagus

We use radiofrequency ablation to treat Barrett's esophagus, a premalignant condition that leads to esophageal cancer in some patients.


Colonoscopy is the endoscopic examination of the large colon. It is one of the most important screening tools for colorectal carcinoma.

American College of Gastroenterology Guidelines for Colorectal Cancer Screening.

Upper Endoscopy

A diagnostic procedure that visualises the upper part of the gastrointestinal tract up to the duodenum.

Flexible Sigmoidoscopy

A diagnostic procedure that evaluates only the distal part of the colon.

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All adults over the age of 50 are at risk for colorectal cancer and should be screened for polyps and cancer. Learn More